Explore Your Options with Customized Plastic Extrusions

Created at : Nov 7, 2022

Customized plastic extrusions are custom-made shapes of plastic that can be used for a variety of purposes. Extrusion is a process where plastic is forced through a die, or mold, to create the desired shape. This process can be used to create everything from simple objects like pipes and tubes to more complex shapes like custom car parts. In truth, the possibilities are virtually endless with this state-of-the-art technology.

Create Products with Multiple Cavities

Extrusion is a versatile manufacturing technique that can be used to create products of just about any dimension or form. It is often used for products that need to be made in long, continuous lengths, such as weatherstripping or window framing. Custom extrusion of plastic can also be used to create products with multiple cavities, such as multi-sided electrical plugs. 

The Die Gives the Molten Plastic its Shape

The extrusion process is simple. First, the plastic material is melted and placed into a hopper. From there, it is fed through a long screw that transports it to the die. The die gives the molten plastic its shape as it comes out of the extruder. Once it has cooled and hardened, the custom plastic extrusion is cut to the desired length and can be used for its intended purpose. 

Versatile Manufacturing Technique

Extrusion is a modern and versatile manufacturing technique that can be used to create unique plastic parts for a variety of applications. Some common uses for custom plastic extrusions include: 

- Weatherstripping

- Window framing

- Electrical plugs

- Car parts

- Pipe and tubing

- Furniture components

- Signage

- And more! 

Perfect Manufacturing Solution

If you have an application that requires specialized plastic parts, the custom extrusion of plastics may be the perfect manufacturing solution for you. Contact an extrusion company today to learn more about this versatile manufacturing technique and get started on your next project. For more information contact Alpha custom Extrusions today. Getting your big project going has never been more convenient or more affordable.