Products Made Using Plastic Extrusions Are a Cut Above

Created at : Dec 1, 2022

Plastic extrusions is a process used to create shapes and objects from thermoplastics and other polymers materials. In this process, molten plastics are forced through a die of the desired shape, forming lengths of semi-finished stock with consistent cross sections. These plastic extrusions can then be cut into smaller pieces or customized further to produce final finished products.

A Cross-Sectional Shape

The plastic extrusion process is an economical method for creating long runs of parts with complex shapes; it also offers flexibility in design, since dies can be made quickly and easily to accommodate changes in specifications or product designs. Plastic type extrusions can be divided into two main categories: profile extrusions and tubing extrusions. Profile extrusions refer to those that are made with a cross-sectional shape and come in a wide range of sizes and shapes, including rods, bars, angled sections, T-sections, U-channels, L-sections, flat strips and more. Tubing extrusions are cylindrical products that can be round or square in shape. 

Offers Greater Design Flexibility

Plastic style extrusions are used to make everything from window frames and door panels to medical tubing and automotive components. They are extremely durable because they can withstand extreme temperatures (both hot and cold) without deforming or breaking down; this makes them ideal for use in harsh environments. Additionally, plastic extrusions offer greater design flexibility than other materials because dies can easily be modified to create unique and varied shapes as needed. This makes them a great choice for manufacturers who need to continually adapt their design for specific customizable applications.

From Automotive and Medical to Consumer Goods and Aerospace

Overall, plastic extrusions are a cost-effective and versatile manufacturing process for producing products with complex geometries. They can be used in many industries, from automotive and medical to consumer goods and aerospace. With their strong resistance to temperature extremes, customizability and durability, plastic extrusions offer an excellent solution for creating parts that meet exact specifications. Contact Alpha Custom Extrusions today!