The Best Custom Extrusions for Superior Products and Manufacturing

Created at : Dec 6, 2022

Custom extrusions are an incredibly versatile method of manufacturing. They involve the process of pushing a heated material, such as metal or plastic, through a die to create shapes and objects. By using custom dies, almost any shape imaginable can be created in one pass without complex machining and grinding processes. Therefore, custom extrusions are often used in products ranging from automotive and aerospace components to medical devices and consumer electronics. 

Create Whatever Predetermined Shape or Profile

The extrusion process begins with raw material that is fed directly into the machine. The material is then forced through an orifice, known as a die, which has been cut or milled to create whatever predetermined shape or profile is needed for the specific application. As the material passes through the die it takes on the shape of the die and is then cooled, cut to length, or bent into a specific shape.

Machining and Grinding Processes

These extrusions are particularly popular for industries that require regular production of components in large volumes. They offer a cost-effective way to achieve product consistency by eliminating costly machining and grinding processes. In addition, custom extrusions often allow products to be produced with more complicated shapes than can be achieved through traditional methods like forging and casting.

Fatigue Resistance

When manufacturing with customized types of extrusions it’s important to select the right materials based on their mechanical properties, such as ductility, tensile strength, fatigue resistance, corrosion resistance and thermal conductivity. Some common materials used in extrusion include aluminum alloys, steel alloys, copper alloys and plastics like nylon and acetal.

Almost Any Application Imaginable

It’s a great way to quickly and cost-effectively create highly precise parts with intricate shapes in large production runs. The ability to customize dies allows custom extrusions to be used for almost any application imaginable, making them an incredibly versatile manufacturing option. With the right materials, precision dies and skilled technicians, this process can help bring products from concept to reality. Contact Alpha Custom Extrusions today!