What Are Profile Extrusions

Created at : Oct 5, 2022

Profile extrusions are a type of profile that is extruded from a material. The profile can be of any shape but is typically round or square. Profile type extrusions are used in a variety of applications, including construction, automotive, and consumer goods. These extrusions can be made from a variety of materials, including metals, plastics, and composites. 

Plastics Such as Polyethylene and PVC

These unique extrusions are created by pushing material through a die of the desired profile shape. The material is then cooled and cut to length. Profile extrusions are most often made from metals, plastics, and composites. Metals such as aluminum, steel, and brass are also commonly used for profile extrusions. Plastics such as polyethylene and PVC are equally desirable materials for extrusions. Composites such as fiberglass and carbon fiber are also popular in some applications. 

Profile Extrusions Are Used in Framing and Windows

Profile extrusions have a variety of uses in construction, automotive, and consumer goods applications. In construction, they are used in framing, windows, doors, and other applications. In automotive applications, they are used in body panels, trim, and other parts. In consumer goods, extrusions are used in a variety of products, including furniture, appliances, and electronics. 

Stronger and More Durable

Extrusions offer several advantages over other profile types. They are typically stronger and more durable than other profile types. They also have a smooth surface that can be easily painted or coated. Profile extrusions are resistant to weathering and corrosion.  There are a few disadvantages to profile type extrusions. They can be more expensive than other profile types. They also require specialized equipment to produce, which can limit their availability. 

Technologically Advanced Processes

Overall, they offer many advantages and are suitable for a variety of applications. To learn more about this unique and innovative process as well as a wide range of other technologically advanced processes for producing a wide range of products simply contact Alpha Custom Extrusions today. Go online or call to learn more.