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Created at : Nov 5, 2022

A plastics extrusion manufacturer creates long lengths of plastic products by forcing raw plastic material through a die. This process can create a variety of plastic products, such as pipes, tubing, weatherstripping, fencing, and decking. The plastics extrusion process can be performed with either thermoplastic or thermosetting materials. Thermoplastics can be melted and reformed multiple times, while thermosetting plastics will permanently harden after the initial manufacturing process. 

The Extruder Is the Machine That Melts and Extrudes The Plastic

The first step in the plastics extrusion process is selecting the appropriate raw material. The type of raw material used will depend on the desired final product and its intended purpose. Once the raw material has been selected, it is placed into a hopper where it is fed into the extruder.  The extruder is the machine that melts and extrudes the plastic. It consists of a barrel, screw, and die. The barrel is heated to the melting point of the selected plastic material and the screw turns to force the material through the barrel and out of the die. 

The die gives the final product its shape. After extrusion, the plastic product is cooled and then cut to length. Finally, it is packaged for shipment or storage.

Versatile and Widely Used

Plastics extrusion manufacturing is an innovative process that can be used to create a wide variety of simple to complex products. With the right raw material and die, almost any length of plastic product can be manufactured. While plastics extrusion is a very popular and widely used manufacturing process, it does come with some safety risks that should be considered. When working with extrusion machinery, it is important to take precautions to avoid injuries. Some of the potential hazards include:

- Burns from hot plastic material

- Contact with moving parts

- Inhaling fumes from melting plastic

To stay safe while working with this kind of machinery, always follow the manufacturer's safety instructions. Wear protective clothing, such as gloves and goggles, when necessary. And be sure to keep all flammable materials away from the extruder.

By taking the proper safety precautions, you can help ensure a safe plastics extrusion process.

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